The British Alaunt Society aims to follow on with the breeding program started by the late D.B Plummer.  A long time ago he published an article criticising the Dogo Argentino and mentioned that he could produce a dog, which would breed true to type to rival the Dogo but without using as many breeds in its creation. Brian was taken to task over this and was subsequently challenged to prove his statement. Thus the re-creation of the Alaunt type began. Please see the history page for more information on this.


The Society is a collection of owners of this new breed type who want to aim towards re-creating the ancient mastiff type hunting dog known as the Alaunt. Our aims are:


· To produce a dog that is primarily a working/hunting/utility breed

· To produce dogs that do not suffer from genetic defects and hereditary illnesses

· To produce healthy, athletic dogs which are not heavy and immobile like so many mastiff types

· To produce dogs which are of sound temperament

· Promote responsible ownership

· Promote responsible breeding programs


As yet there is no breed standard set in stone. The gene pool is, at the moment, still very small. We have an idea of how the dogs should behave temperament wise and how it should look physically through historical information. Of course the dogs will not be required to charge into war but they will be required to be tested both mentally and physically through work in the field, ie. Hunting, guarding and agility tests and tests on temperament etc…


Who Are We?