First Meeting Of The Society

The 16th of November 2003 saw the first meeting of the Alaunt Society organised by Don Clifford. The meeting took place near Abbington in the very glamorous location of a transport café (there aren’t that many other places to meet in this part of the country).

Once the full trucker’s breakfasts were ordered we sat down to talk dogs.

The Original Alaunt, as a breed had two variations or types – there was the big, strong, powerful and heavier boned variety which was used towards the end of a hunt to hold the quarry and in some cases dispatch it. There was also a lighter, more agile variety which was used to chase down any hunted game to the point where the heavy dogs could be slipped to bring the hunt to an end.

One hot topic of discussion was which direction were we going to head in? At this point in time Frank Dobie’s pups were 3 weeks of age. Gordon McKay, our Scottish representative, had pups which were 5 to 6 weeks of age. There were 4 litters altogether with three different matings between them. Both of Frank’s litters were of the lighter variety and the same sire was used whereas Gordon’s pups were the heavier variety with both litters having a different sire. It was agreed that for the foreseeable future there would continue to be the two variations.

Future breeding plans were also discussed at great length, regarding which dogs to use to best utilise the existing gene pool and other ways of increasing the gene pool. Over the next couple of years the Society aims to follow the instructions entrusted by Brian to his close friends.

At the moment Don Clifford’s dog Ya is the breed representative – a magnificent dog by anybody’s standards.

At the end of the meeting it was decided that, in order to effectively promote the breed, the Society would need a secretary and a sort of “guardian” of the breed, who could oversee everything and make sure Brian’s plans were followed. It was a case of everyone pointing at someone else and saying “I nominate HIM”.

It was finally decided that Emmerson Tunaley would act as Breed Manager, to oversee the development of the breed and myself, would act as Secretary, to do all the other jobs no-one wants to do (I say in jest of course, as it is truly a labour of love!!!…)

Gordon McKay was appointed our Scottish representative and Philippa Simpson was appointed our Webmaster. It is only with thanks to Philippa that you can read this report!

I wish to extend my thanks to Don Clifford and Frank Dobie for their hard work so far, as without them the meeting wouldn’t have happened, no-one would have been appointed to do anything and above all, because of their efforts, the future of the Alaunt is now on a sounder footing.

The result of the meeting was that we are now all pulling in generally the same direction for the benefit of the breed and everyone is doing their bit.

Regards and thanks to all.




Alaunt Society Secretary