A brief straight-forward “history so far” is as follows:

(This is based on an original article by Mr G McKay from the previous website).


Brian obtained a part bred greyhound bitch which was mated by a bull terrier dog. A pup was kept from this mating. The matured pup was then put back across another bull terrier. This time a dog was kept back which was used over a greyhound bitch. The resulting litter included a bitch later named Harp, which was to become one of the cornerstones of the breed.

When Brian was planning the breeds to be used he gave considerable thought to the question of which mastiff blood to use. Cane corso, American Bulldog and Great Dane were considered and each were rejected for various health and genetic reasons. He decided to use the English Bullmastiff, which is far from free of its own genetic faults. He did much research into this breed and found the graecia strain to be free from most genetic defects.

The bullmastiff used was named Naglum. He was put over Harp to produce the first generation of dogs, which contained all of the constituent breeds he wanted to include. A dog from this mating was very nearly the type he was looking for, but he remarked that the dog could have done with a couple more inches in height. That dog was Ya, and was owned by Mr D Clifford he was roughly 25” in height, so Brian was aiming for between 25” – 27” in height. Two litter sisters to Ya went to Carlisle, owned by a Mr F Dobie. These bitches were named Toe and Phoenix and there are also two sisters up in Scotland owned by Mr G Mckay.


Other variations we have against this main background are that Brian had also found another bullmastiff named Magic. After his passing away Harp and Magic went to a lady named F Morrison. She bred a litter, which had the same make-up as the Harp/Naglum line but only related on one side of the pedigree. These litters will prove to be important in increasing the size of the gene pool and later in line breeding to keep the type.

A bitch from these litters, named Brindi, is owned by Mr I Reeves of Teeside. A stud dog from the Harp/Naglum line was used across her which has produced an outstanding litter of well marked, evenly sized pups. A dog from this litter has also came to stay with me. Depending on how he turns out, he will be mated to my bitch and hopefully produce the next generation of Alaunts, in accordance with Brian’s plans.

There are a number of “branch off” litters, which have been bred. Up in Scotland two first generation bitches were mated back to a bullmastiff and the other back to a bull terrier. The pups produced were outstanding, showing good bone and strong constitution, it is anticipated that these dogs may feature in future breeding plans. Mr B Robson has mated one of his bitches to an outstanding American Bulldog. This Am-Bull was from the Alan Scott line and both parents were imported from the USA. This was done to improve size and bone without detracting from the hunting instincts and agility already present in the line and also, again, to widen the gene pool. A dog and bitch have been kept from this litter. They have turned out surprisingly racy-built, retaining the strong head from the mastiff ancestry but also the lithe outlines of the greyhound. A third generation dog may be put to the bitch but all of this depends on the quality of them and will be a couple of years down the line once all dogs are fully matured and have proved their soundness in all areas.

History of the Breeding Program