The family will grow: understand why the 7-seater car is an option

New members are coming and you want to enjoy all the good times that only those with a big family know what they are like? For this, it will be necessary to adapt to the new reality. Have you started thinking about what you are going to do with your house , your time and especially your vehicle? That's when a 7-seater car appears as a great option! View here for more info: nissan rogue 3rd row

After all, the sedan that has served so well so far will become incompatible with your family's new needs. With more members, the ideal is for the car to hold everyone with the proper safety and still be able to be used for everyday tasks, isn't it?

If we're talking about a baby, the demands can be even more complex! That's because it will be necessary not only to snuggle in a car seat, but also to carry a series of necessary utensils during any outing, such as a small suitcase with diapers, bottles and spare clothes, as well as a stroller.

Convinced that your current car might not do the job? So keep an eye out for the next topics to find the solution!

Consider a 7-seater car as an option

Given all this, changing your vehicle for a bigger one becomes practically indispensable. This might be the time to consider the 7-seater cars, ok?

Success around the world and with an increasing number of sales in Brazil, this category has conquered more and more families by offering comfort, modern design and, above all, practicality to take all members at once. And it was with this in mind that we decided to separate here some of the main reasons why a 7-seater car emerges as the ideal choice for a growing family.

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Comfort for passengers

It's okay that a family does not always have 7 members to occupy each of the available seats, but when everyone is together, plus occasional car seats for the children or some other passenger, such as a friend of the children or a grandfather, a common 5-seater car it becomes quite uncomfortable or even insufficient.

On the other hand, buying a bigger car allows people to each sit in a private place, without having to fight for space with anyone else. Not to mention that, in this case, the seats can be installed much more easily, without disturbing the traveling neighbors. Much better, don't you agree?

Security for all

Because accommodations are ideally arranged, with each passenger in his or her seat, security for them automatically increases. After all, in this scenario, all seats have seat belts. In some more complete and luxurious models, in fact, there may even be airbags for passengers.

In addition, all are positioned on ergonomic seats, which help to avoid injuries in case of sudden movements of the car. Very different from smaller cars, where the middle seat in the backseat is often not only uncomfortable but dangerous—especially for children.

Seats for children

The 7-seater cars are also safer and more comfortable for babies and children in general. Its wider seats and well-defined seats accommodate the car seats perfectly, without bothering the passenger next door.

If you stop to think about it, you'll soon come to the conclusion that it even helps to avoid sibling confrontations. In a smaller car, lack of space can be annoying. In vehicles of this category, however, each one sits quietly in their seat, without invading the other's space.

Trunk width

Despite having, as a rule, a small trunk in case of maximum passenger capacity, the 7-seater cars can undergo adaptations, dismantling the seats in the last row to make room for more luggage. On some models, this issue is taken so seriously that the seats fit into the floor so that no luggage space is lost. In other cases, you can even remove them.

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